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Nov 10, 2019 | Blogs | Banking

Attention taxpayers! CBIC-DIN is now implemented to uphold tax doc transparency

CBIC-DIN is now implemented to uphold tax doc transparency

In the realm of Modi government’s initiative to maintain transparency, CBIC-DIN has come into force from Saturday, 8th November 2019. It is called Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) and its unique identification number has come into effect from today. With it, more accountability and transparency would be confirmed in the working of tax department personnel. After the introduction of this unique number, it would be possible for all the taxpayers of GST, customs and excise to cross check and validate the legitimacy of a tax notice and communications like search memo etc.

Initially, CBIC-DIN will be majorly used for matters related to investigation for example search notices or arrest. Gradually, it would be prolonged to cover the department communications by the end of the year. Recent initiatives of the Finance Ministry cover direct and indirect taxes altogether.

CBIC asserted that all those communications will be deemed to have never been issued and invalid who are issued on or after November 8 and that are without a computer generated unique identification number.
CBIC has implemented DIN (Document Identification Number) as well, for the purpose of verifying the authenticity of the communication received by the direct and indirect taxpayers.

The body has written a letter addressing to all the principal commissioners, principal director generals, chief commissioners, director generals, principal commissioners, principal ADGs and joint secretaries and commissioners and has directed that any definite communication not bearing the DIN will now not be covered by the mentioned exceptions in Para 3.

What is CBDT, CBIC & DIN?

For protecting sincere taxpayers from the harassment of tax officials at the department, the government has initiated creating a proper audit trail of the communications issued by the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Central Board of Direct Taxes. CBIC is the authoritative power for indirect taxes such as GST, Excise, Customs; the CBDT looks after direct taxes such as Income Tax, Corporation Tax and Equalization Duty for online advertising services availed by international digital entities etc.

CBIC-DIN has come into effect on 8th November 2019, the CBDT was using its DIN (CBDT-DIN) since October 1st. The CBIC-DIN will be a 20 digit number (Unique Document Identification Number) generated with computer and glaringly exhibited in the body of the document dispensed by the board officers. CBIC-DIN has 20-digits, whereas, CBDT-DIN is 10 digits’ number. Both the DINs can only be generated by the specially authorized board officers.

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