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Nov 14, 2019 | Blogs | Banking

SBI warns its customers about account details sharing

SBI warns its customers about account details sharing

India’s largest bank, State Bank of India has recently cautioned its customers about their bank account safety. The bank has warned that it will not be responsible if customers share details like their bank account number, contact information like mobile number, address or debit card details etc. on social media for whatsoever reasons. SBI’s warning came after a tweet reply of a customer who shared her bank account number along with a document. She replied to the bank’s tweet and the bank immediately asked her to remove the information from there and tweet only the question.

In its warning SBI shared, “DISCLAIMER: Please do not share your account number, mobile number or any account related or personal information publicly on this platform for security reasons. Bank will not be responsible for any loss. We request you to delete the information immediately and re-post/DM excluding such information to enable our team to respond.” Further to this, SBI asserted that the bank and its employees will never send any payment link or will never ask any customer to share sensitive information such as User ID, VPA-UPI information, Passwords, Debit Card CVV number or the OTP via phone, SMS or eMail.

However, SBI regularly warns its customers to maintain stern safety practices while handling their accounts both offline and online. It also warned them last month to not click on any link shared with them through SMS. Hackers and fraudsters tend to trap customers by sending them harmful links that their accounts need verification or are suspended. SBI has asserted that never click on such links and always know your account status from your bank’s branch only. It has asked the customers to be vigilant and safe in terms of banking.

State Bank of India is the biggest commercial lender in India and has the largest branch base, exceeding 22000 branches pan-India. As of now, around 66 million State Bank of India’s customers are actively using internet banking or are doing online transactions through net-banking and debit/credit cards. 

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