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Jan 27, 2020 | Blogs | Latest Update

Want To Know Your FASTag Balance Call This Number

Want To Know Your FASTag Balance Call This Number

The introduction of FASTag is one of the most useful steps in India. The FASTag affixed on a vehicle allows electronic toll payments, saving both time and energy. Though they were introduced in 2014, FASTags have gained popularity in the current times with more than 1 crore FASTags being issued by now. To reduce the traffic at toll plazas and improve digital payments, using FASTag has also become compulsory since January 15, 2020.

To make the service easier for the users, NHAI-promoted Indian Highways Management Company Ltd has come up with a toll free number on which users who have an NHAI prepaid wallet for FASTag payment can give a ‘missed call alert’ to know the balance remaining in the wallet. The number is +91 -88843 3333.

The service is free and available for 24x7. In cases where two or more vehicles are connected to a unique NHAI prepaid wallet, the SMS would display the cumulative balance of all tags assigned to each vehicle. In case of the low balance in a vehicle’s FASTag, a separate SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number.

As per a press release, the facility is only available for the FASTag users who are linked to NHAI prepaid wallet. Since NHAI Prepaid Wallet was launched, it has more than 2.25 lakh FASTag users who are using its services through My FASTag App, which is available on both Android and iOS.

For other FASTags that are connected to various bank accounts, there is still no way they can use this toll free number to know the balance. However, there is a customer care number – “1033” people can call for any assistance related to FASTags.

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