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Basic Eligibility Criteria

Good Credit Score

Above 23 Years of Age

Valid Bank Account

Resident of India

Self-Employed or Salaried Professional

Aadhar Card , Voter ID / Driving License and PAN Card

Bank Statements for The Last Three Months

Salary Slips for The Last Three Months

What is Personal Loan?

Personal Loan is a type of unsecured loan that can range from the short to the medium term. You can meet your financial requirements, such as debt repayments, holiday planning, emergency medical expenses, down payment, wedding expenses, etc. There are certain criteria, such as revenue information, employment information, credit history and CIBIL, etc.

This amount of the loan shall be disbursed by a bank or any NBFC, i.e. Non-Banking Financial Company of Canada. There are few instruments for borrowers ' convenience, such as the Personal Loan EMI Calculator, through which they can obtain the interest to be levied on them. This helps them to compare and choose the desired personal loan from the best source.

Why to get Personal Loan?

There are so many choices for the use of personal loans. But one should always make a wise decision as to how to spend that quantity. The reasons for the use of a personal loan are varied, for instance: emergency medical expenses Family holidays Children's admission to school and college Repayment of credit card exceptional Business prospects Relocation or renovation of the house Buying new gadgets.

What are the benefits of a Personal Loan?

You never understand when a temporary and unforeseeable economic problem comes to life. For that, personal loan is one of the fastest and easiest type of loan accessible to you. Thanks to our fast approval scheme, the personal loan will be cleared within a short period of time and as quickly as all papers are checked.

  • Less Documentation: Since there is nothing like verification or guarantee of assets, a personal loan needs much less documentation. As quickly as the papers have been checked, your loan is approved.
  • Easily Available: a private loan is so readily made available that it becomes its greatest benefit. All banks and other financial businesses give personal loans to employees or self-employed people.
  • Fast Loan Authorization & Disbursement: Personal loans are granted immediate approval for internet credit applications. If you are looking for a personal loan online, it will only take 2-3 working days to complete the entire loan process.
Frequently Asked Questions

Can i apply for Personal Loan on BankAlert?

  • Absolutely. BankAlert is a one-stop solution for all your credit requirements. You can readily choose and apply for a personal loan at
  • Quick Eligibility Check: BankAlert will get you through an simple and quick eligibility check process. We also provide custom quotes based on your loan requirements.
  • Loan Comparison: BankAlert provides easy-to-use online personal loan applications where you can also choose from a variety of alternatives accessible from different financial institutions and banks.
  • Immediate approval: Once you have effectively submitted your personal loan application, you will receive immediate approval.

What are the documents required for Personal Loan?

Personal loan documentation varies from employees to self-employed persons. Below are the lists of required documents:

For salaried employees:

  • Identity Proof-AADHAAR, Driving License, Voter I d, PAN Card, Passport.
  • Residential Proof— Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill or any approved evidence of residence.
  • Pay bank account statement for at least three months.
  • At least three months of wage slips.

For Self Employed Persons:

  • Identity Proof-AADHAAR, Driving License, Voting Id, PAN Card, Passport. Residential Proof—Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill or any approved evidence of residence.
  • Proof of Income: audited evidence of revenue for the last two years. Statement of bank accounts for at bank six months.
  • Official evidence of address.
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